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Long-Term Physiological
& Environmental Monitoring Systems

Ambulatory Monitoring… the name says it all!

Who We Are.

AMI is an FDA registered (2430863) medical device manufacturer.  AMI provides unique instruments to objectively document long-term sleep, hyperactivity, daytime activity levels, fatigue, circadian rhythm, vigilance, and respiration as well as environmental light, and temperature changes in ambulatory subjects.

30+ years of Validation, Scientific Research and Clinical Studies make AMI's line of equipment the instruments of choice for all research and clinical needs.

About AMI.

Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.  has been an industry leader for more than 35 years providing quality equipment to monitor physiological functioning in ambulatory subjects.

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Application Areas.

AMI devices are used by thousands of customers worldwide, including Medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, NASA, and the US Department of Defense to name a few. Our equipment has seen use in medical clinics, in orbit around the earth, under the ocean, in the swamps of Georgia and in the sands of Desert Storm. In short, we are dedicated to providing reliable, proven equipment.

How the Motionlogger® Works


Medical Specialists
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