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Network Hub and Cable


Watchware Operational Software for Motionlogger® and Sleep Watch®

This program allows the user to set up (initialize) our actigraphs and download the data via IrDA (infrared) or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).  Save data for later analysis or send to an export file.

ActionW for Clinical Sleep Scoring

Our easy-to-use sleep scoring program allows the user to quickly mark the sleep periods for analysis while quickly allowing for adjustments with our convenient graphical drag-and-drop boundary tool.  Customize which of the many sleep variables and graphics are reported.  Export results as well as data.

ActionW Sample Reports:

Action4 for Circadian Research

This program grew up along side the science of actigraphy with many sophisticated features including circadian rhythm analyses including Autocorrelation, Dichotomy Index, FACE (Frequency Analysis of Consecutive Epochs) and Non-Parametric Circadian Analysis variables (Interdaily Stability, Intradaily Variability, and Relative Amplitude).

Action4 Sample Report:

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