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Man Sleeping

The SLEEP and STEP counter wrist watch with SleepTank®!

Press the SLEEP button each morning to see how much you slept!  Press and hold the SLEEP button anytime during the day to see your SleepTank®

And download your full data recording to any PC.

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  • An objective measure of sleep/wake behavior based on body movement.

  • Proven Motionlogger® technology used in sleep clinics around the world.

  • 100M water resistance means you never have to take Zzz-Logger off.

  • 30+ day, easy-change battery

  • Press the button for a quick look at your last sleep/nap results on the display

  • Press and hold the SLEEP button to see SleepTank stats.

  • Zzz-Logger synchs wirelessly to your smartphone for a full report.

  • Zzz-Logger automatically estimates your bedtime and final awakening.

  • Any nap of 20 minutes or longer is captured.

  • Study Mode provides no Sleep, or Sleep Tank output on watch

  • Also counts your steps!

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